Sassy Shades: Summer’s must-have style-staple


Lets face it, walk of shame or no walk of shame sunglasses are the perennial morning-after-the-night-before style superhero; a sure-fire way to lift those alcohol-fogged spirits (and hide the dreaded ‘didn’t quite get my 8-hours’ eye-baggage).

Whether you have a hankering for some fifties-starlet glamour, want to relive nineties grunge or are searching for an investment classic, this summer offers more choice than you can shake a stick at, so shelve those excuses – it’s all-aboard for sunny-town and boy does it look hot.


As a certifiable retro-holic my money would be on 50’s-inspired wings and cats-eye frames as worn by Olivia Palermo, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Richie et al…sweeter than cherry pie and just a little bit sexy…

FYI! Cats-eye sunnies were also all over the fall runways (see Prada for a master-class in quirky panache)…this fabulous pair from Norma Kamali takes super-chic to the max – timeless with a dash of kooky-flair – a definite wish list contender.

Norma Kamali

Of course, for classic kitsch it’s all about heart-frames…cute, fun and very Lolita…


Click through to check out some high street alternatives over at Topshop and Newlook (pretty much every style you could dream of and prices that won’t make your mascara run…phew! Shops away!)


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