Fall 2010 Flashforward: Rebel Without a Cause

This Fall sees the riotous return of Rock Chic (excuse me while I gesticulate with wild abandon)… punky, edgy, bold – the epitome of a peculiar brand of sang-froid sexiness. It is, dare I say it, bovvered: the haughty eye-rolling teenager of the sartorial sphere.

I am LOVING the Fall collection from the unsung genius of alternative menswear Thomas Engel Hart (above); retro-punk and super SUPER cool. The safety-pinned skinny jeans almost make me wish I had balls, and the natty cropped jackets are, as ivankay neatly (and rather perfectly) sums up, spunky.

William Rast

Cast your eyes over the runways of NY Fashion Week and look to 80’s icon Debbie Harry for inspiration. Rock out in fringing and studded leather as seen at William Rast, go gothic in leather and lace a la Jill Stewart or sex-it-up Seditionaries-style in a pair of Miss Sixty high-waisted hot-pants in black leather.

Jill Stuart

Miss Sixty

For a less extreme foray into the trend check out Philip Lim’s disco-punk inspired collection…

Philip Lim

Philip Lim

Release your inner wild-child and nail this trend in skin-tight leather, metal studs and acid-wash denim. Accessorize with some serious attitude.


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