Go Crazy for Collars

Vogue Gioiello (Vogue Accessories Italia): Charvet Paris with Chanel & Bulgari collars

Thanks to Miu Miu’s knock-out s/s 2010 collection which saw the collar’s triumphant return to the gilded halls of sartorial cool, I have been on a web-quest of epic proportions in search of the shirt collar necklace to end all shirt collar necklaces…

Miu Miu s/s 2010 Detachable Collars

Gemma Lister: Peter Pan Collars s/s 2010

The Queen of big, bold and undeniably funk-tastic jewellery, Gemma Lister’s take on the collar trend is cute, classic and fabulously simple (not to mention slightly more affordable!)…♥

Utopia Accessories Collection: Clip-on shirt collar

Sadly, I haven’t yet come across any high street options, although Zara’s recent homage to the Miu Miu cat print replete with stylish shirtless collar gives me some small measure of hope! (If anyone comes across the elusive Zara collar let me know!)

Don’t fancy saving the pennies? Check out whatwasithiiinking for a shockingly simple Miu Miu collar DIY tutorial!

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2 thoughts on “Go Crazy for Collars

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