A Lingerie Love Affair

Titillating silk stockings, elegant lace garters and consummately carnal suspender belts…lets talk unmentionables.

Damaris Evans

Mimi Holliday: Ooh La La Set

Lingerie is the one area of your wardrobe where you can really indulge your selfish side in a full-on hedonistic orgy of immoderation…after all no one actually needs a pair of knickers with ribboned lace-up corsetry detailing bedecked with a garden of handmade silk flowers, or a corset delicately traced in floral lace motifs and panelled with Italian woven satin. Practical – no. These are articles of pure folly; heart-breakingly beautiful confections which ooze feminine sensuality and bestow an extra level of mystique on the wearer. Nothing beats the knowledge that under that strait-laced workaday suit (yawn) lies an utterly frivolous pair of naughty knickers and a racy half-cup bra. In a word – empowering.

Strumpet & Pinks

Lise Charmel Nuit Glamour Collection

Looking sexy is mostly about feeling sexy and lets face it, it’s not easy to feel sexy in a pair of granny pants and a faded old t-shirt bra. Slip into a Strumpet and Pinks set of silk and feather light chiffon panties or a fabulously fun Miss Lala brassiere however and it’s a very different story. An extra level of armour in the arsenal of the glamour puss, lingerie acts like an irresistable panacea to low self-esteem, bolstering courage and sky-rocketing self-assurance to the stars. Because in order to feel truly confident you need to be secure about what’s underneath. Hell, add silk seamed stockings and a lacy suspender belt to the mix and even world domination becomes a realizable ambition.

Sally Jones ‘Charlotte’ Silk Teddy

Miss Lala Presents Calligraphy Corset

It isn’t all for our own enjoyment…sometimes it’s about showing Him just how lucky he really is. And so – purely for the purposes of this post (of course) – I decided to try and debunk the widely held misnomer that guys don’t really give a monkeys when it comes to our intimates by taking the completely outrageous step of actually asking them…

Agent Provocateur s/s 2010

Dita Von Teese Vintage Collection

The results? (Inevitable comedy responses aside) I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised; even white girl-next-door cotton got a look in. Mystery, suspense and simplicity were the words to watch and the top scorers were lace, French knickers and understated sophistication. Thongs proved divisive  in the hot or not stakes (excuse the pun!) Ladies’ favourites – corsets and suspenders – were popular in theory…but proved to be a passion killer in practice. Well, all I have to say to that one is good things come to those who wait…
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