Mod Fashion: City Slickers

Those who know me will be aware of my retrophilic tendencies, for those who don’t it’s pretty much all you need to know (unless we’re getting personal – in which case make mine a double vodka). So, disclaimer aside, for today’s post I’m heading through the wavy doors of flashback iconography and down the kaleidoscopic tunnel of time travel to Swinging Sixties London (by far my favourite retro haunt) for a mega Mod mash-up.

Apologies to those who heard ‘swinging sixties’ and thought flower power was on the agenda, instead it’s hyper-cool, slick styling with a clean-cut tailored edge and lashings (and lashings) of egocentric dandyism. So, hats off and winklepickers on for the original ‘London look.’

A reaction against the apathetic devil-may-care sartorial ambitions of the Rockers…think Jimmy Dean in Rebel without a Cause; biker leathers, grungy grease-stained tees, working class blokeishness… The Mods took sharp and gave it an Italian makeover with a side order of Ivy League collegiate cool and a culture shot of pop art peacocking. Smart, chic and preppy; thin ties, narrow lapels, A-line skirts and shift dresses (minis of course), a minimal design aesthetic for maximum impact.

Saint Augustine Academy: ‘Do You Believe Her’ s/s 2010

As much as I love a little laissez-faire (especially on a day off) nothing gets my fashion fingers twitching like self-conscious styling…it is after all the unequivocal truth at the heart of fashion.

Think, for example, of ‘bed head hair’: it is a rare creature indeed that can truly claim to have rolled out of bed with hair that is artfully dishevelled rather than having battled the birds-nest, back combed, teased, sprayed and physically wrestled their way to bed head heaven.

The perfectly dressed Mary Quant Mod-bob on the other hand – sleek, shiny, poker straight – is an obvious time-consumer…the difference being that when someone makes the ‘wow…that must have taken ages’ comment you can say, without shame, yes! Go on, revel in the exalted, overblown vanity of fashion –  trust me, there really is nothing quite like a bit of nonchalant sinning in a world where people are falling over themselves left right and centre in a bid to deny their trespasses.

L.A.M.B s/s 2008 NYFW

Try modernising your references with indie meets Mod styling a la It Girl Agyness Deyn…

…Or check out these Mod inspired offerings from some of Fashion’s hottest up-and-comers…

David Korma s/s 2010: Vauxhall Fashion Scout Winner

Romeo Pires s/s 2010

Final tip? Don’t forget your Go-Go boots! (they pimp-up your pins, add a retro twist to any outfit and have the added bonus of being walk-friendly…need I say winner!)

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