Fierce Futurism for Fall 2010

Crash landing on the back of Summer’s neo-sports utility hoedown (cast your mind back to the reworked-neoprene surfer dolls at Proenza Schouler, Prada’s perspex wonderland and vivid high-shine brights at Versace) the future has gone well and truly futuristic. Visionary space-age styling in ultramodern fabrics, sci-fi structure and austere tribalism. It’s fashion Jim…but not as we know it…

Chanel a/w 2010

Balenciaga a/w 2010

Both Chanel and Balenciaga offered up a pared down post-apocalyptic white-wash, punctuated with gaudy geometry in pop-art brights and future-proof footwear.  My season favourite has to be Lagerfeld’s sexy Go-go boot /stiletto hybrid: alien Ice Queen meets PVC sex kitten in an uber mod sartorial supernova.

Tessa Edwards a/w 2010

Up-and-comer Tessa Edwards serves up an altogether darker vision which is fierce – with a capital F.  Strong, statuesque and redolent of an intimidatory exoticism, Edwards’ look focuses in on a kind of ancestral austerity channeled through a palette of severe blacks and abyssal ox-blood reds.

Tessa Edwards a/w 2010

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