GFW 2010: The ECA Team

Emma Brown

Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)  has, over the past few years been cementing its position as somewhat of a GFW darling with its creative and exciting runway collections standing at the forefront, not only of fashion design, but also of construction. Counting the Prince of luxe Graeme Black and sartorial crush du jour Holly Fulton among its Alumni, this was one show for which my expectations (hopes!?) had been raised just short of literal brain-on-the-wall, jaw-on-the-carpet mind-blowing raptures of the kind one usually associates with Bible Belt Televangelists.

Eliza Borkowska

Praise be the Lord!  From the gorgeously gothic velvet and chiffon maxis with abstracted skeletal prints shown by Emma Brown, to Eliza Borkowska’s sharp minimalism and geometric shapes in crisp clean neutrals, Emma Rockett’s playful take on classic English tailoring in candy cane stripes juxtaposed with acid bright tights in hot pink, and lets not forget Sally Hansen’s insanely wearable, tea-party-chic in ditzy florals…

Emma Rockett

I was definitely not disappointed. Spoilt for choice? Yes. Usually I have no real problem with the wheat / chaff process but ECA has had me dithering as I have never dithered before (bravo!)

Sally Hansen

Hand-wringing aside, for me the top of the class had to be Charlotte Heylar with her 3-D graphic prints. Stunning, show-stopping, hypnotic, Charlotte’s collection of slinky silk maxis and jackets, liberally soused in some kind of tecky-textile wizardry takes “fashion-forward” well beyond the pale and leaves tradition mouldering in the garage like an old black and white TV. Yes, 3-D glasses are a requirement to see these pieces at their eye-popping, mind-bending best, but even without, this is still an indisputably wearable (and covetable) collection. The next Ms. Fulton? Let’s just say this is definitely a  space you’ll want to watch…

Charlotte Heylar

Images by Simon Armstrong with thanks to ARTS THREAD: head on over for reviews of all the GFW 2010 shows, and a huge great heap of other exciting design-related bits, bobs, news and commentary.

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