The Bright Young Things & The LBD

Slow and Fashion are two words which rarely, if ever, hang out in the same sentence let alone make it to the Good Bedfellows lexical swing party, so to say my interest was piqued upon hearing of designer Eliza Starbuck’s new label ‘Bright Young Things‘ would be putting things mildly – after all I do love a bit of convention busting incongruence.

Inspired by Starbuck’s work on The Uniform Project –  a (some might say sartorially insane) challenge to wear the same dress every day in a 365 day wear-a-thon to raise money for the Akanksha Foundation – the Bright Young Things Collection comprises of a single LBD designed to be worn forwards, backwards, over, under, tied up, belted down (essentially any-which-way and anyhow).

The idea? To push for trans-seasonal staples with staying power (that’s aesthetic and physical) and stylistic versatility. Something sustainable, durable and with more multitasking potential than Superman on Ritalin, in contrast to the watch-it-disintegrate-in-the-washing-machine, fast fashion ‘must-haves’ we have become so used to shoehorning into our bulging and  beleaguered wardrobes.

The dress itself is sheer simplicity with a cute button-up front (or back) and a chic sixties scoop neck with a definite mod edge…

I have to admit I was initially unimpressed, but having seen this dress in action I’ve been won over by its simplistic utilitarian charm. An understated and – dare I say it – über cool take on the ultimate style-staple…

Since these dresses are made-to-order only there’s no waste;  just a 7-8 week post-order wait, but hey – I did say it was slow fashion – think of the ethical Brownie points and all the fabulous ways to wear and re-wear…Oh, and if your imagination is on a go slow, the Bright Young Things website has plenty of user submitted inspiration to nudge your noggin into action…

Sold? Buy your LBD here.

Photographs courtesy of Cool Hunting.

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