From Seditionary to Sovereign: Vivienne Westwood a/w 2011

Vivienne Westwood’s a/w 2011 Red Label collection takes us forcefully by the hand and drags us (not unwillingly) head-first through the looking glass into a wildly eccentric world of quirky Queens in skewiff coronets, surrealist shapes and cockamamy curiosities all served up in artfully Westwoodian disarray.

Gorgeously paired naturals (not neutrals) punctuated with striking cerulean and vamp-worthy red, tartan (in the VW signature asymmetric cut – natsch), an executed-on-the-Central-Line-at-Rush-Hour approach to make-up and huge birds nests of artfully teased hair. In short a collection which left noone in doubt as to the true progenitor of the London look.

All Hail Queen Viv!

FYI: Those feather leg-warmers? Mine.

Miss Bibi: Teeny-Tiny Trinkets & Miniature Marvels

Quirky, whimsical and evocative, Miss Bibi’s playful pint-sized jewellery collections featuring scaled replicas of everyday objects are anything but small-time. Designer Brigitte Giraudi began her career creating miniature sets for animated films and (luckily for us) has brought her painstaking attention to detail and doll-house aesthetic to the world of bodily adornment.

Earrings: Coat Hanger

Earrings: Pinocchio

…Lilliputian wonderland, Looking Glass dreamscape…whatever your preferred comparison these cute and insanely collectable treasures are pure petite perfection: pile them on with a/w’s bohemian attic-romance evening-wear (think John Galliano, Isabel Marant and Charles Anastase) in inky indigo and rumpled silks for a shot of dainty dollish eccentricity. Tres chic.

Earrings: Candelabra

Ring: Farfalla

Ring: Lock

Cufflinks: Corkscrew

Bracelet: Eyelash

Brooch: Window

Necklace: Chair

Necklace: Boot Lace

Necklace: Matriochka

Necklace: Purse

To shop / browse / locate retailers head to…even the website is freaking fabulous! ♥

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Fashionable Rat

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Look du Jour: Through the Looking Glass

For me, Sunday’s have always been the sole preserve of fantasy, passing by – or maybe mooching by – shrouded in a kind of mythical golden timelessness literally begging to be filled with old movies, tea and crumpets…

Of course, as every fashionista knows, a frivolous fantasy is nothing without a capricious costume to match…

Grown-up glamour waltzes into Wonderland with added quixotic-kitsch…(Oh! I do so love those shoes!)

Photography by: welovepictures
Posted by Nadja S.

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Wonderous trinketry from Wonderland…C/O Tom Binns

Trend leader, veteran jewellery designer and refreshingly anti-conformist Tom Binns‘ collaboration for Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ offers an elegant and fragile take on beauty with an anarchic twist.

His six high-end limited edition pieces for Disney Signature, each based on an iconic character from Lewis Carroll’s fantastical tour de force, are faultlessly themed, and really do take ‘curiouser and curiouser’ to its literal extent: this is deep rabbit hole territory at its best – fun, frivolous and a little insane.
If pushed to choose (and I really would need to be pushed, shoved, cajoled and bullied) my favourite would have to be the gorgeous, almost verging on twee, tea-set ensemble. Broken crockery, teeny-tiny teapots and borrower-sized cups, all with meticulous floral detailing in powder puff pink, apple green and Mediterranean blue…a fabulous accident with granny’s finest china gone oh so right. Definitely a statement piece to shout about. Love.

For those looking to save a pretty-penny, Binns’ slightly less extravagant (but no less desireable) Disney Couture range is just the ticket…

Check out this super-kooky ‘Drink Me’ necklace…

And this pretty keyhole piece (which, incidentally would look fab with this seasons neutrals. Bonus points for the floral inclusion!)

Have a gander at his site…it’s sure to spark some serious jewellery-lust: