Look du Jour: Frontier Fringing

Hippy meets ranch ready Americana on what looks like a definite lazy hazy lemonade day…

I’ve actually been thinking about festival outfits over the last few days (whilst staring morosely out of the patio windows into what I can only describe as the perfect backdrop to Wuthering Heights – and I thought summer had already sauntered back onto the scene in the guise of a be-hatted orb of hot UV goodness. Wrong. Again). Anyway, back to the point…

Festival garb: Often the most difficult thing to balance is the free-spirit hippy boho floatiness – think billowing kaftans, maxis flowers in the hair… – versus the practical, all the mud in the world has also been invited and will arrive approximately 30 minutes after you do, camping veteran mentality. (Yes, those fluorescent waterproof overalls will keep you dry – and, one would hope for the level of embarrassment incurred, very warm – but they’re not particularly flattering and there will be photographic evidence).

So it’s good to see there is another way…mix your boho head-scarf and (on trend right now!) fringing with this seasons denim for a kind of Little House on the Prairie meets hippy-commune chic frontier fusion effect. Very cool…and a little bit practical too…

Photograph/ styling by Kasia G: find her blog here (best fire up that translator)

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Fashionable Rat

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Look du Jour: Butter Wouldn’t Melt…

Play-school polka-dots, sugar-pie sweetness and a scandal-inducing hemline (Lolita eat your heart out)…this has to rank as one of my favourite frock-finds so far. The faded-denim jacket is the perfect foil to all that cuteness adding a casual edge to kids-party kitsch. And the piece de resistance? The cherry on top? The icing on the sartorial sky-scraper of a cake? That prissy-pastel retro bow of course!

Photograph by Hedvig.
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Look du Jour: Layer-up in Cosy Chic

Bad weather plus a complete lack of sleep, multiplied by a longer than long day ahead at Ice Station Zebra equals the need for some warm and cosy cardigan action (office-ready with on-trend styling of course). Maegan shows us how it’s done…

Totally having kittens over those Tom Ford cats-eye sunnies, and the boots…don’t get me started on the boots!