Défilé: Franck Sorbier Haute Couture Paris F/W 2010

Femininity with a touch of humour, quality workmanship, avant-garde creativity with it’s artistic tongue firmly in cheek; Parisian couturier Franck Sorbier didn’t disappoint the fashion tribe at this year’s Paris Couture Fashion Week. With pieces crafted from corrugated card, papier-mache, sweet wrappers, pegs and crumpled brown paper, Sorbier seems to have quite literally pulled the ball gown out of the bin.

Anyone with any knowledge of popular culture (in fact anyone who hasn’t been living in an isolated mountain cave with only goats for company for the past decade) would have noticed a striking similarity between this brilliantly conceived collection and Mugatu’s ‘Derelict’ campaign in the fashion comedy ‘Zoolander.’

Intentional? Well, I’m not well placed enough to say for sure, but if it were kudos is definitely due for an expertly delivered double whammy of a sassy satirical sucker-punch – an impeccably pulled-off takeover of parodic stereotyping with an ironic nod to the upsurge in eco “upcycling” fashion. [Kapow!]

To those who would deride, dismiss or decry the place of corsets fashioned from old M&M and Ritz cracker packets or dresses conjured up from brown paper bags on the runway; well, all I can do is gently point out that to take the humour out of the thing is pretty much tantamount to intellectual, artistic and creative castration. Go on, crack a smile – it probably won’t kill you.

To view the whole collection head over to Nicholas Genin’s Flickr

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