Get Collared: s/s 2011 Trends

Lets face it, collars have a bad rep. Long-time signifier of uptight, highly-strung corporate slavedom or bugbear reminder of (and I really do hate to bring this up) school.

Meadham Kirchhoff ss 2011

Meadham Kirchhoff ss 2011

Meadham Kirchhoff s/s 2011

Well, this season it’s time for a rethink. Collars are cool. [Breathe and repeat]. And they are – literally – everywhere, from the traditional crisp, starched phantom of your past as seen at Viktor & Rolf, to candy-goth meets Victoriana-kitsch detachables at Meadham Kirchhoff.

Viktor & Rolf ss 2011

Viktor & Rolf ss 2011

Viktor & Rolf s/s 2011

And yes, I was banging on about this last season but thankfully the high-street has caught on, so for the not-so-skilled DIY-er’s and those whose budgets don’t quite stretch to Bulgari proportions (i.e. me and, er, me) the time is now!

Red Collar Dolly Dagger

PeterPan collar etsy

Look du Jour: Dramatic Theatrics from Juli Santini

I had to share this gorgeous ensemble from Juli Santini’s Autumn 2010 collection…

The playful vintage theatricality and raw edged romantic styling is reminiscent of Meadham Kirchhoff’s gorgeous 2010 capsule line for Topshop, but with added boutique appeal. The dreamy golden-toffee taffeta jacket is simply stunning! I love the couture-esque detailing and those leg-o-mutton sleeves; 18th Century tailoring brought bang up to date with a nostalgia-inducing scalloped collar, striking Breton stripes and fussy layering. Brave and undeniably beautiful – this really is museworthy stuff!

To view one of my previous posts on Juli Santini click here, or, head here to view her full collection and find details on online stockists – she really is a wonderful designer and well worth a look!

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Fashionable Rat

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Brogues: Tragi-Trend or Off-Kilter Classic?

There has been a lot of brogue-bashing of late, but with everyone from Potter-princess (and Burberry poster-girl) Emma Watson to style goddess Alexa Chung sporting the boyish Oxford classics, and with the brogue revolution set to continue into A/W 2010 perhaps it is time to put those ill-begotten prejudices aside and rethink this season’s most misunderstood shoe.

Yes, there’s no denying it, they are boyish, masculine – mannish even – but they’re also a little bit cheeky, a little bit geeky and offer a quirky alternative to the ubiquitous ballet flat of seasons past.

In fact, it’s precisely their masculine edge which makes brogues so chic, fun and versatile: it is all about the contrast! Think academic déshabillé meets mussed-up femininity in a boho summer dress and blazer or cow-girl casual in rolled-up jeans and a simple oversized tee.

Clémence Poésy for Vogue April 2010

Fear not oh ye devotees of the heel! Heeled-brogues are here (and make a stylish change to boring old office courts)

Office: Brogue Baby Tan Leather (also in black & blue)

Faith: Lanel peep-toe Brogue heels.

Camper: patent nude and black heeled brogues.

Basic brown and black too boring? Look for prissy prints, block brights, pretty pastels and classy detailing…

Office: Frank red leather – also available in black, brown, green, blue… and with different detail options…

Office: Frank tan leather and canvas

Paul Smith: Watercolour Floral Brogue

Faith: Baby Pink Brogue

Tip: Why not replace your laces with ribbon à la Meadham Kirchhoff s/s 2010 for a girly/edgy vibe?

Meadham Kirchhoff s/s 2010

Meadham Kirchhoff

So… lover or hater?

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