Christian Dior F/W 2011: Galliano’s Romantic Renegades

After the scandal came the show (the huge crowd seemingly oblivious to the rumoured boycot) and, while it may have been a swan song of sorts, few in the history of fashion can claim to have been as dramatic.

Rebels, renegades and lashings of theatrical romance have always been Galliano’s hallmark and his final collection for Dior was no exception to the rule. Mulberry and striking red fox fur, velour and satined midnight blues, victoriana cameo-choker detailing, Cavalier head-gear, and THOSE thigh-high boots.


Day-wear saw Bohemian highwaymen meet dashing Royalists in autumnal tweeds with a slightly fetishistic twist whilst the evening-wear swept in with elegant tiers of ruffles and ruching in bewitching black sheers to give beautifully bad boudoir appeal alongside candy floss creations that oozed saccharine savoir fair.

Gorgeous. Theatrical. Indelibly Galliano.

Head here to view the entire collection.

Dior Ditches Galliano…So Who’s Next?!

This truly is the end of an era and just days before the Christian Dior show at Paris Fashion Week (drama anyone!?)

…But, this is fashion and the show MUST go on so who’s next for the top spot at Dior?!
The bookies are currently favouring Stefano Pilati (rumoured to be leaving YSL after 9 years in the top job) – followed by former YSL designer and photographer Hedi Limane, with Dior Homme Creative Director Kris Van Assche in third.

But who do you think should take the CD crown from one of the most creatively brilliant designers of recent decades?! The race is officially on.

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LVMH Ditches Galliano from Post at Dior

This is the famous video of famed designer John Galliano making disturbing comments re: anti-semitism.  As a result of this horrible display of behavior and irresponsability on Mr. Galliano ‘s part LVMH (owner of the Christian Dior label and Galliano’s boss) has decided to fire the British born designer.

Dior Chief Executive Sidney Toledano said the “odious nature” of Galliano’s comments and behavior on the video led Dior to relieve Galliano of his duties after 15 years as the label’s chief designer and just three days before Dior’s catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week.

“I very firmly condemn what was said by John Galliano, which totally contradicts the values which have always been defended by Christian Dior,” Toledano said in a statement.



Défilé: Franck Sorbier Haute Couture Paris F/W 2010

Femininity with a touch of humour, quality workmanship, avant-garde creativity with it’s artistic tongue firmly in cheek; Parisian couturier Franck Sorbier didn’t disappoint the fashion tribe at this year’s Paris Couture Fashion Week. With pieces crafted from corrugated card, papier-mache, sweet wrappers, pegs and crumpled brown paper, Sorbier seems to have quite literally pulled the ball gown out of the bin.

Anyone with any knowledge of popular culture (in fact anyone who hasn’t been living in an isolated mountain cave with only goats for company for the past decade) would have noticed a striking similarity between this brilliantly conceived collection and Mugatu’s ‘Derelict’ campaign in the fashion comedy ‘Zoolander.’

Intentional? Well, I’m not well placed enough to say for sure, but if it were kudos is definitely due for an expertly delivered double whammy of a sassy satirical sucker-punch – an impeccably pulled-off takeover of parodic stereotyping with an ironic nod to the upsurge in eco “upcycling” fashion. [Kapow!]

To those who would deride, dismiss or decry the place of corsets fashioned from old M&M and Ritz cracker packets or dresses conjured up from brown paper bags on the runway; well, all I can do is gently point out that to take the humour out of the thing is pretty much tantamount to intellectual, artistic and creative castration. Go on, crack a smile – it probably won’t kill you.

To view the whole collection head over to Nicholas Genin’s Flickr

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