Dior Ditches Galliano…So Who’s Next?!

This truly is the end of an era and just days before the Christian Dior show at Paris Fashion Week (drama anyone!?)

…But, this is fashion and the show MUST go on so who’s next for the top spot at Dior?!
The bookies are currently favouring Stefano Pilati (rumoured to be leaving YSL after 9 years in the top job) – followed by former YSL designer and photographer Hedi Limane, with Dior Homme Creative Director Kris Van Assche in third.

But who do you think should take the CD crown from one of the most creatively brilliant designers of recent decades?! The race is officially on.

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LVMH Ditches Galliano from Post at Dior

This is the famous video of famed designer John Galliano making disturbing comments re: anti-semitism.  As a result of this horrible display of behavior and irresponsability on Mr. Galliano ‘s part LVMH (owner of the Christian Dior label and Galliano’s boss) has decided to fire the British born designer.

Dior Chief Executive Sidney Toledano said the “odious nature” of Galliano’s comments and behavior on the video led Dior to relieve Galliano of his duties after 15 years as the label’s chief designer and just three days before Dior’s catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week.

“I very firmly condemn what was said by John Galliano, which totally contradicts the values which have always been defended by Christian Dior,” Toledano said in a statement. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110301/en_nm/us_dior_galliano

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Caped Crusaders: F/W 2010

Chanel f/w 2010

This Fall…the super hero style staple becomes your style super hero in a less-than-action-filled adventure, possibly starring Steven Segal and with a slight – to moderate – chance of cameos by Edna Mode and Chuck Norris. Yes, the Cape is back – on your back – and looking at the weather today (er, good? morning London) I’m wishing I had mine already.

Alexander McQueen f/w 2010

From sleek utility at Chloe and Rag & Bone to imperial extravagance at Alexander McQueen and vampish 20’s glamour-meets-geek cape-come-stoles at Marc Jacobs your day/night/home/work cape dilemmas have all been solved in one fell swoop of a season.

Chloe f/w 2010

Rag & Bone f/w 2010

Some say capes are tricky but (as with most things) the style lies in the balance…

Marc Jacobs f/w 2010

Celine f/w 2010

What you’re aiming for with utility, for example, is a kind of pared-back boho-meets-hobo fusion (think purism, classicism, sleek but with a practical edge a la Chloe/ Celine), not – I repeat, NOT – Glastonbury refugee or Bolshevik bag-lady, so don’t go overboard on your bottom half.  Think skinny trousers (my money’s on leather if you want to nail the mixy-matchy texture angle) and brogues – still trumping pumps as the fashionista’s flat du jour. Or, why not try sweater dresses paired with cable-knit tights and Burberry Prorsum’s fierce shearling-meets-biker boots for an edgier-take on the trend.

Yves Saint Laurent f/w 2010

Images courtesy of Style.com

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Fashionable Rat

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Provoked by my recent perusal of YSL’s super-sharp 2010 Unisex collection I thought I’d take a little look at the tentative re-emergence of androgynous aestheticism on the runways this year. With names like Stella McCartney, 3.1 Philip Lim, DKNY and Alexander Wang leading the vanguard in borrowed-from-my-boyfriend modishness isn’t it about time you joined the boys’ brigade?

Yves Saint Laurent Edition Unisex Collection

YSL 'Le Smoking'

Last resurrected on the back of grunge in the nineties and epitomised by YSL’s legendary ‘Le Smoking’ Tuxedo in the sixties, the craze for the boyishly dressed girl first rocketed into the limelight in the Roaring Twenties with the infamous rise of the flapper. Page-boy bobs, loose straight tailoring, descending waist-lines were de rigueur, curls, cleavage and the fusty-old-hourglass silhouette were most definitely not. Scandalous.

While it may not be quite so shocking – so risqué – in today’s society, androgyny still packs a hefty sartorial punch delivering a double-whammy of highly sexualized ambiguity and convention-busting role appropriation (a derisory two fingers up to the rule book, if you will). If you think about it in terms of edge, androgyny is without a doubt the edgiest look of all; from tall, tailored and fierce (we’re talking man-eating fierce) to doe-eyed tomboyish naiveté, we’re talking the megagon of looks – at least.

3.1 Philip Lim s/s 2010

What you want to avoid (like the plague) with this look is overkill. Androgyny is a kind of best of both cherry-picking exercise in which you – funnily enough – take the best aspects from both gender closets and blend them together to create something which is neither one, nor the other. Think masculine silhouettes with a feminine twist – boxy-tailoring with skyscraper Louboutins for instance – or, reverse the idea and go for a girly summer dress with boyish brogues.

DKNY p/f 2010

Stella McCartney s/s 2010

Done well, boy-meets-girl is the undisputed supremo of style-sexy… but beware! Stray too far into the man-drobe and you run the risk of crossing the butch-border. Being mistaken for a man – or, for that matter, a socially contrived lesbian stereotype – is rarely (if ever) a good thing.

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